Monday, August 13, 2018

Bookstore Highlight: Volumes

National Independent Bookstore day really made me realize how many awesome indies I have around me; there is just something special about going to a bookstore that has its own personality. I will be highlighting an indie bookstore that I come across and would love to learn more about your indies as well! Without further ado, I introduce you to...
Volumes is an indie bookstore located in Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood right off of the blue line. I'm really surprised that I stumbled upon this bookstore so recently because I go to Wicker Park to frequent shops and restaurants. The bookstore opened in 2016 and is owned by two sisters. 


Volumes is unique because it's equal parts bookstore and bar/cafe. The bookstore is long rather than wide, so when you walk in you enter the cafe area first. It was a very calm and community-centered space that I could see myself spending time in. Once you get past the cafe seats, you enter the bookstore which was broken up into Fiction, Mystery, Graphic Novels, Children's, and Young Adult. The children's section was super cute as it allowed space for parents and children to sit and explore books. 

One thing that I was disappointed by was that there wasn't a dedicated Romance section, instead, it was mixed in with Fiction (if it was even there) and I don't have time to sift through such a large collection!

The YA section was pretty robust with some great staff member recommendations. They had a mix of backlist titles (the more popular ones) with 2018 releases. Volumes also has used books mixed in with their stock and will buy used books from customers. I didn't see that many books that looked second-hand so I'm assuming that they have high standards for which books they buy. 

Volumes also hosts author events but I'm not familiar with any of the authors that they feature. They also have fun events for kids  (when I was there they were getting reading for a Where's Waldo event) and monthly book clubs for adults. 

What I love most about indie bookstores is that they have fun literary-inspired gifts. Volumes was no different, they had fun tote bags, really cool pencils, and Harry Potter inspired candles that smelled really good. 

Overall, Volumes is a cool addition to Wicker Park and I can't wait to spend some more time perusing their shelves. 

What was the last indie bookstore you visited? 
Does your bookstore mix romance in with Fiction? 
Do you prefer bookstores or bookstores that have a cafe element?
What's your favorite piece of bookish merch that you own? 


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