Monday, September 3, 2018

Vacation Days and Summer Rays: August at a Glance

I managed to sleep away for a long weekend and meet my reading goal, I call that a success!

I had a pretty good August! I saw Crazy Rich Asians which was amazing, it's inspired me to try reading the book again. I also watched To All the Boys I've Loved Before and it was everything I wanted and more. To be honest, I was afraid that it would be boring, but the cast and crew did an amazing job!

Matt and I saw Shakespeare in the Park for the first time ever. The play was A Midsummers Night Dream which I've never read (or seen) but I really liked how Chicago in the Parks did it. They made it very Chicago focused (instead of being in the forest, they were in the park) and the Actors were all Cubs fans. They also threw in a Chance the Rapper song at the end which was pretty cool. I'd love to see it again!

And lastly, Matt and I drove up to Saugatuck, Michigan (which is about a three-hour drive from Chicago) which was a lot of fun. Matt used to go to a Christian camp up there and the property was sold to a real estate developer about 8 years ago. For him, we went for the nostalgia which really only made him sadder because the town changed since they started building more multi-million dollar homes. I was happy to just have a beach to visit and book to read. 

I wasn't as good as blog-hopping this month and I'm not sure I'm going to be better in September. I'm deep in the Fall 2018 ARCs rabbit hole and trying to get a headstart on all of the October ARCs. Surprisingly, I already have reviews scheduled until late September and I'm 10 books ahead of my GR challenge. That means that I surpassed the 100 books-read mark! WAHOO.

I managed to hit my goal for the month: 15 books! 
My favorite read of the month was Always and Forever, Lara Jean (5 stars)
My least favorite reads of the month were Women and Sunlight and A Blade So Black (1 star)

September means that it's time to fully embrace fall and I am so ready for it! This week I'm running to Michaels and Bath and Body Works to buy a million candles and decorations. I already got the apple cider ready to go. 

Workwise, it's going to be a super busy month for me. I'll be going to Springfield, Illinois for a library conference and then to Albuquerque, New Mexico for another library conference. I may have to take a week off blogging, I haven't decided yet. I already know that I'm not going to get a lot of reading done. I'm hoping to read 8 books. 

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Did you go on vacation last month? 
How many books did you read in August? 
What was your favorite read from August? 
What are you excited to do in September? 


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