Monday, February 25, 2019

Publishing Lows and Publishing Highs: An Evening Susan Dennard and Brigid Kemmerer

Last week I saw Susan Dennard and Brigid Kemmerer who were touring for their newest releases. The conversation was a frank look at the publishing world and why they love their job. Below are some of my favorite moments from the night. 

  • Susan wants to do a spin off for Owl
  • Brigid started writing A Curse So Dark and Lonely in 2012 and was told that there wasn't a market for it (it was the age of dystopias)
  • Susan's tip for writing diverse questions is to ask yourself, "why am I doing this?" first and foremost
  • A Curse So Dark and Lonely allowed Brigid to quit her day job
  • Brigid forces herself to write 250 words per day
  • Susan believes that being stuck means that the scene has taken a wrong turn. She goes back and fixes what doesn't make sense. 
  • Susan has a free book available on Wattpad called The Executioner 3
  • Brigid was contracted to write two books for A Curse So Dark and Lonely but she wants to write more
  • Susan writes her drafts on paper and refers to it as Draft Zero
  • There was going to 0OVs in Truthwitch

Have you read any of the Witchland books (I've read one, I know nothing)?
Who was last author you had the opportunity to meet? 
Can you imagine writing an entire book by hand???


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