Friday, March 29, 2019

Les Petites Revues [#18]

Another week, and another week of meh books. 

Title: The Devouring Gray (The Devouring Gray #1)
Author: Christine Lynn Herman
Source: Publisher
Rating: 3 stars

The best way I could describe The Devouring Gray is that it's a CW show, but as a book. The tone was dark and broody with an air of mystery. The characters were all attractive with a complicated history and the adults were just as complicated as mysterious. Violet's introduction to the small town of Four Paths was interesting as it was a town that depended on four magical families to protect them from a Beast that could drag them to an alternate dimension and kill/eat them. I did think that Violet, who had never heard of Four Paths or anything related to it, accepted the magical town and her role too easily. At the end of the day, it was a decent read for me that didn't dig deeper. 

Title: Stain
Author: A.G. Howard
Source: Library
Rating: 2 Stars

Stain was a well written fairytale but it shouldn't have been called a Princess and in the Pea retelling since there was only one or two references to the classic. The prose, which was overly flowery halted all enjoyment as I felt that every description was over the top and dramatic. It didn't take too long before I got bored and just worked for finish the book for the sake of finishing it.


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