Monday, April 1, 2019

Quick Travel and Spring Weather: March 2019 at a Glance

March was another whirlwind month. I did some travel, attended some nerd events, and read way too many books. 

Let's see, what did I do in March? Matt did the Polar Plunge on March 3. For those who don't know, it's a fundraiser for Special Olympics. If you raise enough money, you get to jump into the frigid Lake Michigan in the middle of winter. Matt's worked in special ed for the majority of his adult life and he's also the soccer coach for his school at the Special Olympics so this was super important to him. Feel good feelings aside, it was frickin cold. It was like 10 degrees and there were ice shards in the lake.

Matt and I also attended the first home match for my precious Chicago Fire. It was mid March so of  course the weather was crappy. The match ended like a typical sports movie too: it started rain/hailing and we were down by one point. In the last 10 seconds of the match, our boys tied it up. WHOO.

I ran off to Washington, D.C. for about 24 hours to do a site visit related to work. I went to the Library of Congress which is just beautiful. It was fun, hectic, tiring, but there were also cherry blossoms. I also hung out with my grandmother for a day which is always fun. I need to make time to see her more, I feel like I always say that. I also attended the 10th Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo which was fun. Lastly, my best friend scored tickets to an Alan Menken concert (my disney buddies will understand) that I got to attend.

I told myself that my goal would be to read 8 books in March because I knew I would be busy with work, travel, and attending C2E2. Somehow, I read the most books I've read in 2019 - 18 books. Wow. And this is why I love audiobooks, from this list I think 7 were audiobooks. My favorite books of the month were:

  • The Earl I Ruined
  • The  Duke I Tempted
  • Hardsell
  • Long Shot
  • Legendary
  • Can't Escape Love
  • Wicked Saints
The above were all four-star reads. Which is great, I'm disappointed I didn't have any 4.5 or even 5 star reads. I'm still on the search for my first 5-star read of 2019. My least favorite reads of March were Meet Cute and Stain (2 stars). 

I'm hanging in there in terms of blogging. I kind of fell off the wagon when it came to commenting, but I'm trying my best damn it! I also got to participate in a twitter chat which I haven't done in a while. Those are always energizing. 

What does April hold? I'll be attending KissCon in Chicago and then flying out to Cleveland for a work conference. I'm also trying to plan a trip with my friends to a state park that I love visiting. We'll see if I get my life together enough to coordinate that. I'm also aiming to read 13 books this month (watch I barely read 8). 

What did you do in March? 
What plans do you have for April? 
How many books did you read? 
What was your favorite read of March? 
What is your most anticipated April release?


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