Monday, May 6, 2019

Being Everywhere All at Once: April 2019

April was an exciting month, if not tiring. 

I did soo many things in April! In early April, I attended the first ever Kisscon: A Weekend Affair in Chicago and it was amazing! I hope the Avon team opts to do it again (and in Chicago).

April was also National Library Week which was a fun celebration, right before I jumped on a plane to Cleveland for a library conference. I was exhibiting for my office and it was fun to talk to people and attend some panels about marginalized voices in the librarianship. I was super inspired that week so I applied for graduate school to get my MLIS, so uh, I guess I'm doing this you guys. Haha. One of my favorite moments from the conference was the reception at the Rock and Roll Hall of Flame in Cleveland. There was a silent disco and it was some of the most fun I've had in a while.

Right after the conference, Matt and I joined his parents downtown Chicago to see Hamilton. I had ignored all of the hype up until the musical and had no idea what to expect. My adorable mother in law did her research beforehand and knew all about Hamilton, Aaron Burr, and Saint Eliza. It was an amazing production and Matthew and I are still blasting the soundtrack. #noshame.

We started Easter weekend off with a trip to Seat Geek Stadium to see the Men in Red (aka the Chicago Fire) play the Colorado Rapids. This was an important match because it was the first game that the Fire have won this season (!!!) and it was the first time I would have seen Tim Howard play. He's retiring from soccer this year, so I knew I couldn't pass this opportunity up. He was a glorious human being, per usual. Thank you Mr. Secretary of Defense for your service.

Easter was fairly chill. We went to my grandmother's in the morning because Matt's family was hosting Easter dinner for the first time since Matt's grandma passed last year. It was nice to see my grandmother up and about and still being her sassy safe. It was also nice and quiet having dinner at Matt's parents house.

Lastly, I participated in Independent Bookstore Day in SNOW which was fun but also crappy (because snow).

Blogging was actually okay in April. I think having my bujo really helped me stay on top of everything but I kind of abandoned it in late April. I felt like I stepped away from social media a lot in April because of how busy I was, and just because I didn't have much to say. It felt like a change, but it was a change I was okay with. 

Believe it or not, I had a slow reading month. I think a full week went by without me finishing a book, but I still managed to squeeze 11 books in. I wanted to read 13 books this month, but I was a bit shy of meeting my goal. 

My favorite read was The Poppy War (5 stars) and my least favorite read was Nine Perfect Strangers (2 stars). Can we just appreciate the fact that I've finally had my first 5-star read of the year? The Poppy War was amazing!

I think May will be another busy month, but I'm to try to find some peaceful moments in all of the madness. This month, Matt and I will celebrate our 5 year anniversary (time flies) and we've got tickets to see one of my favorite JRock artists. I may cry, I'll report back later. Matt also turns 33 this month and I think we're going to celebrate with 2 Chicago Fire matches. I hope to make a book tag next week (or the week after, we'll see how lazy I am) and I'm aiming to read 9 books. Here's also hoping that it doesn't snow this month. 

What was your favorite moment from April? 
Have you ever been to a silent disco (highly recommend?)
What was your favorite read from April? 
What was your least favorite read from April?
What May release are you most excited for?


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