Monday, May 13, 2019

In which Amber goes back to school

You can call me Amber, Librarian in Training. 
I've  been hinting at this for a while now, and it's crazy to think about the journey that it took to get here. In 2017, I attended ALA Annual for funsies and it kind of changed my life. One year after attending ALA Annual, I became an employee of the American Library Association, and one year after that, I got accepted to library school. Life comes at you fast. 

I got an email that I was pre-approved for library school a few weeks ago and last week I got my official letter, so it's happening you guys! I'm still having a mini midlife crisis about this decision because I already have a Masters and I'm drowning in student loans, but Matt and I both agreed that this is something I should do. Note that I will vote for the candidate that will erase my student loan debt. Thank you. 

Outside of all of that nervous energy, I am excited! Library workers are some of the best people I've met and a lot librarians have pushed me to make this decision and have given me the confidence that I can do this. I'm extremely appreciative of everyone telling me their journey to LIS and how libraries need fresh blood. 

I'll be starting in the fall at a university that it 100% virtual (thank God). I know I want a public library focus but I'm not sure if I want adult services or teen services. Hopefully I figure that out eventually. I keep obsessively refreshing my school inbox to see when I can start enrolling in classes. I'm also not sure what my timeline will be for school. I originally wanted to do one class a semester with the intent of graduating in six years, but I think I want to try two classes a semester when I can. I'm hesitant because of the additional work and that tuition money. So we'll see how that works out. This is all making me nervous because I'm such a Type A person and I don't know how to let things unfold. 

Because of this new focus, my blog may change a bit. I aim to read a LOT less starting the fall semester and I hope to sprinkle in some posts about my adventures in LIS. Maybe I'll make it a series. 

This is going to be a big (and wild) change for me, but I know I'm determined and excited enough to make this dream come true. Can't wait to put that MLIS after my name. 


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