Monday, August 12, 2019

Books I was hyped about...and never read

A lot of  great sounding books are announced weekly and one of the most fun parts about the book community is screeching to the ends of the internet how excited you are for X book. That has happened to me a lot, hell, I've even tracked book releases based on PW's Rights Report. But something strange happens when that magical book is finally released to the world. I somehow lose my desire to read it. So here are some books that I obsessed over for months, but never actually read. 

This is Not a Test: This book was all the buzz in like 2012 or 2013 and I desperately wanted to read it. I think I was so desperate that I paid full price for the ebook copy. It is now 2019. I still haven't read it. 

Empress of a Thousand Skies: I don't preorder books, but I preordered the hell out of this one. One of these days I'll read it. But honestly, I don't even remember why I was hyped about it. 

Dance of Thieves: Sooo I never finished the other series, but I was all about starting anew with Dance of Thieves. Lowkey I probably won't read it for a while. Trilogies are exhausting. 

Say Her Name: I had a horror stage a few years ago and I always stared at the cover for Say Her Name and imagined all of the creepiness it promised. I couldn't find found the physical book anywhere and I'm not in the mood to pay full price for the ebook copy, so I'll probably never read it. 

Becoming: I have the audio (because I miss Michelle Obama's voice) but still haven't read it. I have no idea why not, maybe I don't feel like crying about a time when things were absolutely terrible in the United States. 

On the Come Up: I loved The Hate U Give and even have an ARC for On the Come Up and I was soo excited to see Angie Thomas write something different. But um....I still haven't read it. Oops? 

Obsidio: I was sooo excited for the epic conclusion, especially since I had met Jay and Aimee at a book talk. Then...the reviews started coming in and they were pretty mixed. I think I'm scared. 

Dark Shores: I adored Danielle Jensen's Malediction trilogy and I was interested in her new fantasy on the seas. It's out and I still haven't read it. Why, Amber, why?

Ughlies: This book was peak dystopia and I remember being so excited to start it and loving the overall concept. I'm pretty sure I bought the first book, but it's just collecting dust at this point. 

What are some books you were excited about and then never got to? 
Which of the above books should I read? 
Remember the book community circa 2011/2012? Those were good times. 


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