Heartbreak: July 2019 at a Glance

July was a hard month for a lot of reasons. 

First and foremost, we lost Grace and that was a terrible blow. I know a lot of people were impacted by Grace's death and I just can't believe she has passed. Grace was a beautiful bright light in the book blogging community and I was so excited when she beat cancer the first time. I am happy that she was able to do things she would have never done while she was in remission. Grace will never be forgotten and I hope everyone keeps her family in her thoughts. 

Pregnancy has been okay. I'm an anxious person and this pregnancy just makes it worse. Every other day I think I've lost my baby (based on nothing but my paranoia) and then other days I'm in pain and/or starving. Whoever said that the second trimester was a breeze is a damn liar. The hard part too is that I don't look pregnant, which is normal for people who haven't been pregnant before but  I at least want evidence to back up how crappy I feel. 

Earlier in the month, Matt and I went to a watch party to watch the USWNT win the World Cup and it was really fun. We also saw Cats with his family which was...an experience. 

And lastly, I can't go back to school this fall and it really broke my heart. Logically and financially it doesn't make sense  but it hurt because it was something I had my heart set on. I'm aiming to try to go back Fall 2020 and maybe take more classes than I had originally planned on. 

Blogging and reading have definitely taken a backseat but I'm aiming to keep up with two posts a week at least. We'll see. The dumb thing is, I don't even know what I've been doing to take time away from blogging and reading. I'm just been feeling super lazy. 

 I think I read 2 books in both May and June so I'm pretty proud of myself for squeezing in 7 for the month of July. Audiobooks were definitely my savior.

The favorite reads were Into the Drowning Deep, Protect the Prince, and The Right Swipe (4 stars).

My least favorite reads were Rolling in the Deep, The Perfect Couple, and They Wedding Party (3 stars).

August is the last "chill" month at work so it's pretty low stress. I'm hoping to squeeze some more books in before travel season begins. I'm going to aim for 8 books with the understanding that I'll only be successful if I get audiobooks. I do have a handful of review books to get on top of as well. And here I thought I could get ahead this summer. 

I have my next monthly doctor's appointment on Thursday, August 8 so keep your fingers crossed that everything is fine. 

How was your July? 
What were your favorite reads from July? 
What fall release are you looking forward to the most?

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