Monday, October 14, 2019

Read Fiercely: An Evening with Fierce Reads Ladies

I haven't been to an author event in a long time so I was excited to see Fierce Reads was coming to town, I knew I had to spend some time with some amazing authors.
This event was held at an Anderson's Bookstore location in the Chicagoland area and going to this one particular store is always fun because my husband's family friend is the manager so we got to chat for a little bit before the event. 

In short, the event was a blast! It was a great line-up of authors and I loved their witty banter and learning about their writing process. Here are a few highlights I learned from Sara Faring (The Tenth Girl), L.L Mckinney (A Dream so Dark), Margaret Owens (The Merciful Crow), and Katy Rose Pool (There Will Come a Darkness): 

  • McKinney would make Keanu Reeves a World Wonder
  • Owens doodled her main character first then crafted the story
  • McKinney got the idea for her Nightmareverse series from watching Supernatural and hearing about Disney's live action announcement of Alice in Wonderland
  • Pool wrote her flaws into her characters
  • Faring worked in a bank because her father always wanted to work in a bank,  hated it, then got a job at Random House Books
  • Pool didn't outline her book
  • Owens writes her query before she write the book
  • A Blade so Black took seven years to write

Did you go to a Fierce Reads tour stop? 
Have you read any books by these authors? 


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