Monday, October 7, 2019

Travels and Baby Prep: September 2019 at a Glance

September felt kind of uneventful, I read some books, championed some libraries, and got some baby stuff. 

I started off September celebrating Labor Day with my family. It was fun because I hadn't seen a lot
of them (including my dad) since Mother's Day and it was the first time I saw them whilst being (knowingly) pregnant. I also saw my grandmother on my father's side and that was a bit harder than anticipated. I usually catch her on "good days" and I experienced her dementia for the first time. It was heartbreaking having to explain to her multiple times that it was after 6 p.m. when she kept asking me why I was up so early, offered me the guest bedroom to sleep, and ordered me to make myself some breakfast.

Soon after that, I set off to a library conference in Vermont which was pretty but uneventful. I didn't get to see much of Vermont because I was at the conference for the majority of the time, but I did enjoy myself. I always like chatting with coworkers outside the office, learning what libraries are doing in their communities and just talking with new people!

Matt and I got our lives together. Our landlord painted our walls and offered to let us have an accent wall (lavender) which I'm excited about. It took a day, but it looks good! After that, we started slowly converting the library/cat's room into the baby's room which was a process. It took us about three weeks, but we've finally got it all cleaned out with a crib and some clothes hanging up. It's surreal peeps. We also started figuring out the baby shower and completed our baby registry!

I went to my first author event in probably months. I made the trek to Chicago's Hyde Park to hear Rena Barron speak on her debut YA, Kingdom of Souls, and I'm excited to read it!

Blogging suffered this month and probably will continue to not-be-so-great until December. It feels like fall has gotten away from me already and blogging is the easiest thing to sacrifice unfortunately.

 I foolishly told myself that I could read 10 books in September, the lie detector determined that to be a lie. I read 7 books in September which, meh. My favorite read Becoming (5 stars) and my least favorite read of the month was Rogue's Pawn (1 star)

Oh October, how I love thee. Matt and I have a babymoon planned for the first weekend of October (which has passed). My 31st birthday is on October 10, and I've got three bookish events to attend (who am I). Oh! And we're seeing Sara Bareilles on October 15. So um, you may not see me a lot on the internets. I will; however, try to squeeze in five books this month. 

What are your favorite thing about September? 
Got any fun plans for October? 
What October release are you anticipating? 
Am I done being pregnant yet? 


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