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In the book world, series have become almost expected when a new book comes out. When a standalone book comes out every now and then I actually rejoice! Why? Because that means that the book will actually be wrapped up and I don't have to spend 2 years trying to get answers! With so many new series popping up out of the woodwork, it's hard to decide which series I want to start.

I'm an extremely picky reader, if I am not 100% invested in this book won't have any motivation to continue the series. The first book in a series is kind of an extended job interview for me.

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I've had this happen to me for a number of books. If I like a book (like, not love) I probably won't be motivated to continue the series ASAP. This basically means that any 3 star or 3.5 star books. See, I told you I was picky. I can probably count the number the series that I have finished from beginning to end on one finger. In fact, let's list them below. 

7. I HAVE COMPLETED 7 SERIES IN MY ADULTish LIFE TIME. You want to know how many series I have started? 68!!!! I actually counted on GoodReads and I kind of felt sick to my stomach as the number kept increasing. o.O

Now granted, some of these are series that are still coming out say for instance: 

but still, 6 series titles does not make up for the other 62 series that I have started reading. A lot of them are series that I have no interest in continuing because the first installment didn't pass the "interview." 

And on the flip side, some of these unfinished series are from titles that I absolutely adore. "So Amber, what's your excuse for not reading them?" You may ask me. That's easy, I suffer from Book ADHD. This usually happens when the series surpasses three books and it has been five years or more since the initial installment. I get distracted, easily. There are so many new books to get excited about, these books kind of get neglected. 

 I love you Dark Hunters and Chicagoland Vampires,  but I'm already like four books behind and I don't think I can make it back on this wagon. ):

My attention span can only take so many books. Seriously, I have been reading Dark Hunters since I was 15. THAT'S OVER 10 YEARS OF BOOKS. I JUST CAN'T. I also started The Chicago Vampires series about six years ago, well before I discovered book blogging and got to interact with fellow bloggers and authors about upcoming books. AND THERE ARE SO MANY. 

What about you? Do you have to finish any series that you start? What are some series that you are anxious to finish? Let me know below!

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