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Welcome to my Black Friday Read-a-thon challenge! We're all drowning in leftovers and have the holidays on the mind, so I thought I'd make a tag for the holidays! Not doing the read-a-thon, but not the tag? No problem, feel free to link back to this post and create your tag answers whenever you want. If you want to do the read-at-hon, there is still time to sign up!

A book (or series) that is popular but you don't care for. 

Okay. I've tried twice now to read this series until I just gave up. The Throne of Glass series is just not my jam. The more I read, the more annoyed with it I became. But I'm happy you all enjoy it. 

Your favorite book(s) of the year.

I've had a lot more 5-star reads this year than usual, which is great! Some of my favorite books have been: 

A debut author that you can't wait to read more from.

Without a doubt, Helen Hoang! I also enjoyed books from Laura Sebastian and Melissa Albert. Luckily, I believe all three of them have books coming out in 2019!

A satisfying fluffy read. 

I was really nervous about reading Always and Forever, Lara Jean because I knew graduation was looming and that there would be some difficult moments for Peter K and LJ. I loved every minute of it and even had happy tears at the end. Also, bonus: all of the baking scenes. 

A book you would happily reread over and over again. 

I am NOT a big rereader because I always feel like I'm wasting time by not tackling my teetering TBR. If I were to reread a series though, it would definitely be the Kingdom on Fire series by Jessica Cluess. They characters went through so much and I wouldn't mind reliving the journey with them. I'd also reread The Falconer series by Elizabeth May. 

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