How I use my bujo

In 2016, I stepped into the world of bullet journals. I had no idea what I was doing, but I bought all the washi tape and markers I could. Fast forward to 2019 and my bujo is an integral part to my organizational life. For tracking my reading habits to my daily life, I would be lost without my bujo. 

The beginning of the year is an exciting and stressful time. My buy my new Leuchtturm1917 bullet journal and have to start filling 200 pages. But first things first, I create a calendar with special events and resolutions outlined. 

Every month I add "templates" for my monthly layout. This includes a "priority" pages (aka the things I really need to get done this month), a list of books I read, my favorite moments from the month, and weekly calendars. Regarding my layout, I usually just google "bujo monthly spread" and look through the images. From there, I typically combine two ideas I like or just add an element to something I'm already doing. 

I mainly use my bujo and reading habits. I'm aiming to  branch out and make my bujo more lifestyle, but my main focus has always been blogging and books. I track how many books I read throughout the year and which ones were my favorite. I also list the books that caught my eye in Publisher Weekly's Rights Report, books I want to request from publishers, and review copies that I need to read. 

Hand in hand with tracking my reading, I also outline what posts I will draft for the month as well as brainstorm what discussion posts/tags I'd like to do on my blog. I also list author events that are happening near me so that I can decide which ones I can make it to.

How long have you been using a bujo? 
If you haven't used a bujo, HAVE I CONVINCED YOU TO JOIN ME?
What do you track with your bujo? 

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