What would my blogging look like without ARCs?

Earlier this month, I posed a question to twitter: how would the elimination of ARCs change your blogging style or interaction with the book community?  That got me really thinking about how my blog would change.

Sunday morning question:

How would the elimination of ARCs affect your blog/interaction with the book community?
— Amber Elise (@dulivre) March 3, 2019

I would read more backlist titles.  Honestly, I'm drowning in ARCs right now and I can't help but think about the amazing backlist titles that I'm missing out on. If ARCs were eliminated, I think my library would get a lot more love from me and I would have time to dedicate to quality over quantity.

I would buy more books. Right now, I only buy books that I HIGHLY anticipate or the finished copies of ARCs I've rated 4.5 stars or higher. I think that with the elimination of the ARCs, the hype train would convince me of more book that I *need* to buy.

I would interact with authors more. Back in the day (read: 2012), I used to email authors to let them know how much I loved their book or invite them to do an interview on my blog. With ARCs, I feel like I'm interfacing with publishers more than I am with authors which kind of sucks. I miss the relationship authors and bloggers had and how excited we used to get about books.

I would post more meaningful discussions. One of my favorite parts of the book community is seeing how people reacted to books. There were (and still are) some great discussions about books and I miss reading/writing those. Without ARCs, I would spend more time on books I adore instead of reaching for the next ARC on my TBR.

How would the elimination of ARC affect you? 
Do you think it would be for better or worse?

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