Les Petites Revues [#20]

Space, fantasy, and mystery - oh my!

Title: Legendary (Caraval #2)
Author: Stephanie Garber
Source: Purchased
Rating: 4 Stars

Legendary was more magical than Caraval with higher stakes. Like a lot of readers, I think I liked Legendary more than Caraval. Caraval was a whimiscal game with love along the way, but Legendary had a darker side. In this book, we learned about the former rulers that had a shot of reclaiming their glory as well as the truth behind Paloma's disappearance. I loved the introduction of the Fates and how we were able to see more of the world. All of that said, the ending felt rushed to me (despite there being a third book) and I never really fell in love with Dante and Tella as a couple. Dante seemed to be a background couple throughout most of Legendary, showing up periodically then dashing off a minute later. I never got a sense of the two growing together. Despite all of that, I enjoyed the direction Garber is taking.

Title: Last Girl Lied To
Author: L.E. Flynn
Source: Publisher (or work? I forget)
Rating: 3 Stars

Last Girl Lied To was an okay mystery that was made more intriguing with its time-jumping chapters. Trixie was a girl full of mystery and it was clear why the main character, Fiona, was drawn to her. Fiona was complex as well, especially as the reader got to see her life and routine when she first met Trixie and after Trixie's apparent suicide. There were some insights from Fiona about her weight and her body image but that minor arc never had a satisfying conclusion. Speaking of conclusions, I thought the truth behind Trixie's disappearance was interesting but never fulfilled the "psychological" aspect that the summary promised. In short, this book could get lost in the vast ocean of various other YA "girl goes missing" mysteries. 

Title: Polaris Rising (Consotrium Rebellion #1)
Author: Jesse Mihalik
Source: Library
Rating: 4 Stars

This was such a fun ride in space and I can't wait for the sequel/companion novel! Ada was the daughter of an important House and was on the run from an undesirable marriage arrangement. The adventure began when a bounty hunter captured her with intention of bringing her to her father (and her kind of fiance). There, she met the most wanted man in the 'verse and their wild chase among the stars began. I couldn't tear myself away from this book - the characters were sassy and fun and their chase was enthralling. Ada and Loch had some major chemistry from the beginning and their complicated romance pulled me in even deeper. Polaris Rising left just enough mystery for me to be wanting more and I hope we get to learn more about the Houses, their politics, and Ada's family in Bianca's story. 

Have you read any of the above?
What's one of your favorite space operas?

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