Les Petites Revues [#30]

Happy Friday friends! I've got a romance that didn't have the pay off I wanted along with a spooky mystery that I'd love to reread!

Title: Flashed (Happy Endings #3)
Author: Zoey Castile
Source: Author/Giveaway
Rating: 3 Stars

Flashed grabbed me from the beginning and how could it not? A movie star who secluded himself from the world because of an accident he caused and he young art student who was trying to make her mark on the world while protecting her sister. The premise had a Beauty and the Beast feel because our hero, Pat, was covered in scars and incredibly grumpy. The two communicated mainly via text messages, but their relationship didn't progress in a way that their chemistry felt authentic and long-lasting. On an emotional level, Pat and Lena both had their past to contend with and I was disappointed that Lena's story barely had any impact on the story. I did enjoy the side characters, but some of them felt like they had their love stories appear elsewhere which just caused some confusion on my half. I liked Flashed on the surface level, but it didn't dive as deep as it could have. 

Title: Rules for Vanishing
Author: Kate Alice Marshall
Source: Conference
Rating: 4 Stars

Rules for Vanishing was downright thrilling and spooky. Told in a variety of formats from interviews to diary entries. The legend started with Sara's sister disappearing on a supposed haunted road. One year later, Sara and her old group of friends reunited to try to find Sara's sister on the mysterious road she disappeared with. The atmosphere is tense at all times with scenes right out of a horror movie. Filled with ghosts, monsters out of your nightmare, and haunting local legends, Rules for Vanishing kept me turning pages and made it hard to set this book aside. If you're looking for a novel to get you in the Halloween spirit, look no further. If you're listening Kate Alice Marshall, I need more books like this! 

Have you read the above? 
What are some of your favorite spooky reads?

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