Summer Magic and Pregnancy Updates: August 2019 at a Glance

Happy Labor Day and happy September everyone! I'm so prepared to get into my fall groove, but I'm also bummed that I didn't get to do everything I wanted this summer. 

I'm still trying to figure out what my new normal looks like in terms of blogging. There have been some weeks where I've  been on top of blogging and comments and others where I just don't look at my laptop for days. So thank you in advance to everyone who have been patient as I struggle to find a happy medium. 

Lifewise, things are good! August was a very quiet month at work so I felt that everything was chill. I saw some friends, had a BBQ on the beach, did Shakespeare in the park, it was a good end-of-summer for me.

Baby Du Livre is still kicking so yay. I went in for my anatomy scan on August 23 and that was pretty wild. Just 30 minutes of watching a living thing inside you squirm and move around. The technician told us that the baby was probably female which was a fun surprise because 90% of everyone I know has been deadset on it being male. Wee human has been kicking the crap out of me which is...also very weird. I still don't look pregnant, but my family has made sure that I know that I will blow up come month 7 (I'm in month 5). Gems, all of them. Matt and eare also slowly working on the baby's room which used to be my library and the cat's room. So um, a lot of change and adjustment for all of us. I'm going through the books on my shelves and trying to determine what to donate, so far I've got like 60 books (mix of finished and ARCs), now I just need to find someone willing to come to my house and pick them up.

I was doing pretty well with two blog posts per week until just last week. I didn't have any energy or creativity to think of words. Why is wording so hard guys, it didn't used to be. I'm not sure how this will play out in the future, but two posts per week is still my goal. 

Wow, I read 11 books? I need to attack each month with that type of energy, but of course, audiobooks have always helped me meet monthly reading goals. This month, I had wanted to read 8 books so I'm happy to see that I did that and more!

My favorite read was Gods of Jade and Shadow (4.5 stars) and my least favorite read was House of Salt and Sorrow (2 stars). On an unrelated notes, I'm going to really need books to stop it with the Noun and Noun of Noun formula. 

On Wednesday, I'm hopping a plane to Vermont for a library conference so you probably won't hear from me this week. After that, I don't have any more travel until late October so I don't know what my September will look like. I hope we clear out more stuff in the baby's room and start getting our lives together. I also want to go apple picking because I haven't gone in two years and that is eating away at my soul. I also want to read 10 books this month. I'll report back on the other side. 

What was your favorite thing that you did over the summer? 
How many books did you read? 
Did you read any of the ones I read? 
Summer or Fall child? 

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