Showering the Baby: November 2019 at a Glance

November has always been a busy month with the holidays and a crap ton of birthdays. Now let's throw in a baby shower. 

Whoo November, you whirlwind of a month...although I feel like that's been every month so far?

November 9 was our Baby Shower and it was a labor of love, but a lot of fun in the end. Was I tired from the moment I arrived? Yes. Did I have fun and cry while opening presents? Yes, but I don't think anyone saw me so we'll keep it to ourselves. Our goal for the baby shower was the be low key and I think we pulled it off. We had a baby book decorating station, onesie decorating station, and some board games. Now to just finish putting together the nursery. Eventually. Before January.

Fast forward and it's Thanksgiving! Matt's parents opted to skip Thanksgiving because it was their anniversary so Matt and I only had to make two stops which was nice. During that same week, it was my father's birthday, my grandma's birthday, and my mom's birthday. People need to spread their birthdays out.

Black Friday was BFRAT and I started it off with a 7 a.m. OBGYN appointment! It was short and sweet and we got a chance to use the ultrasound as well. Look at this big head. We decorated for Christmas as we do every Black Friday and I finally settled down and read some books!

Blogging continues to be inconsistent and I only see myself getting worse, so sorry friends. I am happy that we were able to do the Black Friday Read-a-thon, but I also wish I was able to blog hop just a wee bit more. Maybe over the holidays I'll squeeze in some time, but I make no promises. 

 Thank God for 4-day weekends because I read 9 books this month and my goal was 8. Yaayyy!
My favorite reads were The One for You and Ninth House (4.5 stars) and my least favorite read was Promise of Darkness (2.5 stars). 

I feel like December is almost over, but yet, here we are. This month is Amber-stressing-about-baby stuff because wee human is coming in a little over a month and there is still so much I have to do. Make time slow down? I'm not really in the holiday spirit because my brain is so baby focused so I'm also trying to force myself to slow down and do something festive. 

I don't have much planned in terms of blogging. I hope to do a best-of list, but I'm also a bit depressed because I've only had two 5-star reads this year. Don't get me wrong, I've had a ton of 4.5-star reads, but I just want to close the year out with another killer read. 

Do you enjoy baby shower games or do you think they are inherently evil?
What was your favorite read of the  month? 
What was your last 5-star read? 

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