Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sincerely Sunday [#2]

Anansi Boys by NEIL GAIMAN

This was the first Neil Gaiman novel I ever read. Yep, I picked up Sandman and was urged to read one of his written works. And I am so glad I did, I absolutely love this man. The book is about "Fat" Charlie who finds out that he has a (somewhat) evil twin. And to top it all off, his father is the African god Anansi.

This book is BEAUTIFULLY written with a plot that I still remember and smile about. If you haven't read anything by Neil Gaiman, I recommend you read this one first. Sure everyone is hyped up about American Gods, but this is my favorite one. 


  1. I love Neil Gaiman! My first book I read by him was Neverwhere :)


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