Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sincerely Sunday [#4]

Sincerely Sunday is a new weekly meme hosted by What's on the Shelf 
*Pick a book, any book.  It can be new, ARC, old, or one you read 10 years ago, as long as you have read it.
*Tell us the title and author.
*Tell us what made you read this book.
*Give us a short, sincere opinion on the book you chose.

This week:

The Other Boleyn Girl by Phillipa Gregory

This book follows the lives of the two Boleyn sisters, Mary and Anne, as they are summoned to court and driven apart by King Henry VIII's whims. 

I picked this book up because The Other Boleyn Girl was coming out in theatres and I'm a big Tudor (mostly Anne Boleyn) buff so I knew that I had to read this! And boy, that was a wild ride. The amount of cunning on Anne's part was astonishing and the lengths she took to get what seh wanted.... and how messed up  her family was! I loved ALL of it!


  1. I just recently watched this movie (though I've had it for quite sometime) and I will definitely have to read the book now!

  2. I have yet to read this one, though I've heard great things. For some reason I shy away every time I see it.

  3. I like this idea a lot! I'll definitely join in next Sunday!

  4. p.s, have you read The Constant Princess by her? Its just as good as this one, i really enjoyed it.


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