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Character Interview: Kelbian Noel

Hello everyone! I got the chance to speak with Kelbian Noel, author of Elemental.  Kelbian even let me sit down with Baltimore, the leading lady in the Elemental series! :)

The Book. 

Baltimore Land is a typical teenager whose parents embarrass her completely. She wants nothing to do with her family's beliefs and is convinced their silly rituals only exist to make her life miserable. All she wants is to be normal, but the fact that her parents are witches seriously messes with her social life.
She's doing alright, with a boyfriend who seems to like her just the way she is and an awesome best friend who is fascinated by her lifestyle, but she's not the most popular girl in her small Utah town. In fact, she's kind of the town freak.
When her boyfriend's ex tries to win him back, Baltimore's emotions get the best of her and she soon realizes her parents' beliefs aren't so silly after all--they're just the beginning (goodreads).



Kelbian is the author of Elemental and a blogger at Diverse Pages. She lives in Toronto, Ontario with her two children.


DL: So how is your life different from the average Witchless household?

BALTIMORE: Well, to be honest, we’re mostly normal. Mostly. My parents do rituals and
they’re into organic living (making everything from the food we eat to the
soap we use) but other than that, it’s what’s on the outside that freaks people
out. We don’t have the same religious beliefs as people in this town. And in
a small town where everyone knows everyone, people notice stuff like that.
Especially when you’re not from here. We’ve only been here a couple of years
and since we arrived my parents made it a point to let people know what they
believe and most of them don’t agree with it. So it makes it impossible for me
not to stand out more than I already do.

DL:  If you could tell your parents one thing, what would it be?

BALTIMORE: Our family’s really honest with each other, so there isn’t really anything that I
haven’t told them. We pretty much say whatever’s on our mind. If there’s one
thing, I guess it would have to be that I understand why my brother left. He
left two years ago and it’s still a pretty sensitive topic around here so we don’t
really talk about that. But I totally get it. My parents expect us to be witches.
They don’t say it, but you can tell. Brooklyn wanted to live his own life, find
his own path. I don’t think he could have done that without hurting them, so
he left. The more I think about it the more likely I am to do the same thing

DL: It’s Friday night in Utah, where can I find you?

BALTIMORE: With my best friend, Bridgett. My boyfriend likes to go to parties and stuff,
but I tend to lay low. So we mostly hang out on Sunday afternoons or after
school to study. Bridgett never goes out either, so we spend our Friday nights
watching movies or just talking about how we can’t wait to graduate and get
out of here.

DL: Does being a witch making dating harder?

BALTIMORE: Well, I’ve been with Toby since just a few months after moving to Miner. I’m
still not quite sure how that happened. We met and we clicked, even though
we’re nothing alike. But he’s my first real boyfriend. He thinks my parents are
really weird, but like I tell everyone, I’m not a witch. I’m just the product of
two of them.

DL: What is your favorite read?

BALTIMORE: I never used to read anything but non-fiction. Mostly biographies. But Bridgett
got me into witch fiction. It’s strictly entertainment and of course my parents
have no idea (they’d never approve) but I love it. I think the way the world
sees people like me is hilarious. It’s so far from the truth, but it’s fun to
escape into a different world. If being a witch was really like that, I’d have no

Witch fiction, how appropriate! :) It was great talking with you Baltimore!

But wait, there's more!

Kelbian is a DOLL and she has included some fun things to give away! We have a kindle copy of Elemental and a Witch Swag pack. The swag pack has:
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