Saturday, August 23, 2014

[Read-athon]Bout of Books 11: Day 5 Update

Bout of Books

Alright! We're almost there, unfortunately I seem to be doing worse and worse as the days go by. Yesterday I hung out with my former co-workers (and boss) and stayed out a looot loner than I expected to (and drank a loootttt more than I expected to). I didn't do any challenges and I didn't finish Dorothy Must Die. BOO.


Started on: Page 230
Currently on: Page 268  Big whoop, I read 38 pages. Maybe I'll actually finish this one today! I'm one book away from meeting my goal so I better not crap out now! :)

And to everyone else, HANG IN THERE! :)


  1. You must have finished DMD by now. How was it? I still have three books to read. But my goal is just to finish the one book I have started. I wasn't really supposed to read all these. Haha. Anyway, hanging... (:

    1. I really enjoyed it actually! More most of the book I was decided at a firm 3.5, but the ending made me bump it up to a 4!

    2. good to know. i will bump it up on my list then.


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