Wednesday, August 20, 2014

[Read-a-thon]Bout of Books 11: Day 2 Recap

Bout of Books

We're already on Day 3! Wahoo! Yesterday was pretty good. I've got 100 pages of Dreams of Gods and Monsters left and about three hours left of Fangirl left (it's a 12 hr listen). Oh the joys of unemployment, more reading (but seriously, get a job. I'm going crazy in this house!). 


Last left off: 2h30Currently on: 9h50Listened to: 7 hoursI have just been devouring this novel. I can't wait to finish it, but then again I don't want it to end! I'll have to get another audiobook lined up once I finish this one. I wonder what it'll be, any recs? 

Last left off: Page 402Currently on: 516I have less than 100 pages left! Finally! I plan on finishing this tonight, I wonder how this will all tie together. Ending this series is super bittersweet, sometimes I wish I could go back to the innocent days of Daughter of Smoke and Bone.


I think I'm getting sick (how appropriate) so I don't know if I'll be able to participate in the twitter chat tonight. Boo. Oh well,  back to the books i go!


  1. Oh, I've wished for the pleasant days of Daughter of Smoke and Bone all through Days of Blood and Starlight! After that I wondered, if it could get any worse xD
    But I loved Dreams of Gods and Monsters! I really like how everything gets bigger and bigger all the time. You'll see when you get to the end :)

    1. I've been on the edge of my seat praying that Taylor doesn't KILL EVERYONE. Seems like something she would do. Haha.

    2. I was so scared the whole time! Because just about everything seemed possible xD
      It's not my favourite book either, but I think it's second place. My favourite is definately "Daughter of Smoke and Bone" because there's art in it and nice, innocent love and loads of Akiva and everythings still straight forward. And Akiva :)

  2. Fangirl was awesome! I really enjoyed it. Keep listening! You will only regret it when there is nothing more to read (the curse of all readers!).

    What do you think of Laini Taylor's series. I have heard so much about it, but I am a lot older than the folks chatting about it on BookTube, so I am not sure it is for me. I would love to hear your opinion.

    1. I'm literally listening to the last three minutes as I write this! I liked it a lot, can't wait to check out more from Rowell.

      I LOVE Laini Taylor's The Daughter of Smoke and Bone.

      You start the series like, what the hell is the plot. And then you realize, and then you cry, and then you keep buying books.

      I'm not familiar with Booktube, but I REALLY recommend it.

      Here's my review (from forever ago) if you want an indepth look:

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