Monday, July 6, 2015

[Discussion]Blog Turn Ons

The other week I discussed aspects of a blog that served as turn offs for me. I want to end on a high note, so let's discuss things that we love from our fellow book bloggers! 

1) Clean Format

I like to read things that are in multiple paragraphs and have bullet points. I can't handle reading full blocks of text, my eyes wander and I stop reading. 

2) Original Content/Features

I don't think I'm a particularly creative person, so I really respect bloggers who can pull features out of their ass like it's nothing. Bloggers with fun original features definitely get a follow from me.

3) Pictures
This kind of goes along with point one. I don't like reading blocks of text, I like it when reviews are broken up with images, be it gifs or pretty artistic pictures of books. I love a good picture of a book. 

4) Blogger Activities

There are quite a few bloggers who team up and make awesome Blogger events and I love these events because they allow me find new blogs to follow and discover new books. I just love seeing book bloggers interacting with each other so I live for readathons and other events. 

Side note, I'm thinking about hosting a Bookish Halloween event this October because it's my favorite holiday. Anyone wanna join? You know you wanna.  

5) Bloggers Comment Back
No one wants to feel like they're saying random words into the great space known as the internet. I want to know that my comment was read, and maybe even appreciated. I love bloggers who respond to my comment on their own blog, I love them even more if they return the comment love. That's how you make friends isn't it? One person says something, then you respond, and then you find out what you have in common with each other. 

What do you love about your fellow bloggers?


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