Monday, April 11, 2016

New and Familiar Faces: March at a Glance

Hey there friends! March is over with, does that mean we're closer to Spring finally? Probably not, it's April and there is snow on the ground. Typical. 

March was both stable and hectic for me! I went to C2E2 with my husband. I used to go for the comics and general nerdiness, but I don't read as many comics as I did five years ago. Thankfully, they are amping up their guest list so I was able to see some YA authors! I attended an Epic Reads panel with Danielle Paige, Brittany Cavallaro, Kathryn Purdie, and Hiedi Heilig. It was a great panel with authors asking each other about inspirations, world influences, and fielding some questions from the audience. I was also lucky enough to snag and ARC of And I Darken. Look at pretty! And before leaving the day, I was able to say hi to Kristen Simmons who is the coolest person on earth and I'm so excited to read Metaltown. 

On Easter, I saw family, more importantly, my mommy! I've been so busy with stupid work that I haven't been able to check up on her like I've been wanting, and I saw my cousins I haven't seen in about a year as well. Seriously, we all live in the same city. Why is adulting hard? 

Other than that, family is doing well and I'm living life!

I had a four-day break from work and I read my ass off! Seriously, I think I read 6 books in those four days. Granted one was a novella, but who cares! Let me have this! There was a week where I didn't have time to post which hurt my heart because I love being a part of this community. But sometimes, shit happens. 


My favorite read from March was Passenger. I DNF'd both Into the Dim and The Outliers.

I don't think I have any bookish events planned for the month. That can change, though. I really plan on getting my shit together for BEA and BookCon. That means actually buying my tickets and planning my schedule. Husband doesn't want to come with me so I'm gonna be solo this trip! So I would LOVE to meet up with any of you lovely individuals! :D

See you next month!


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