Monday, October 10, 2016

Fall is Here! September at a Glance

So September came and went, and I enjoyed every moment of it!

September has been such a chill month, it's been beautiful. I actually had to go through my photos to go on Facebook to see what I had done this month, and not a lot. My hubs and I were supposed to go up to Michigan for our annual apple-picking, but our upcoming Disney trip is calling for some sacrifices. I continually forget how expensive The Mouse is.

I did end up going to two author events less than a week apart. On Friday, September 23, I went to a Kristen Simmons and Paula Stokes signing which was intimate and fun. That following Tuesday, I dragged my husband to meet Leigh Bardugo and it probably made my year. I still need to read Crooked Kingdom. 

I also found my patronus? I'm some sort of owl which is kind of badass. Those things are terrifying. Hubs and I went on a nature walk earlier this month where they house injured animals and the owls looked right into my soul. I think I'm afraid of my own patronus y'all.

I did an awesome job keeping up with my blog schedule this month. I haven't done a great job reading 2016 review copies, but I am consistent! (Put that on my grave please). September was probably the most down time I'll have all year (save December maybe), so I'm happy I was able to meet all of my blogging goals and get rid of some ARCs. Twitter giveaways are so easy, and I have no patience to learn how to trade so I think that's how I'll be giving away my ARCs from now on. 

 I beat my goal of 13 books this month by reading 14 books. Boss. My favorite read was Smut (4.5 stars) while my least favorite read was P.S. I Like You (1 star)

October is a busy month for me. I had a work conference the first week of October then I have a work retreat the last week of October, so I have a lot of work to get done in between all of that. 

Also today, October 10 is my birthday. I am well into my late 20s now. I'm taking the day off of work and plan on doing nothing but read because it makes me happy. 

I hope to read 10 books this month with 4 of those being ARCs. We'll see how I do with that. 

How was your September? Any big plans for October?


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