Monday, November 7, 2016

Falling Leaves and 93 Degrees: October at a Glance

Hello, lovies! October was a whirlwind and extremely busy for me, which probably explains why I was sick all week.

October started off with a bang. The first week of October was the annual conference at my job which means that we had 50 guests from all over the world come to the United States for sessions and Q and A sessions. My introverted heart really just wanted to hide in a corner and read, but it was really fun. The week after that was my 28th birthday and I fought with myself for days if I wanted to have a party with friends. In the end, I just took a personal day from work, read a book, and celebrated with the hubs.

A week later, I was whisked away to Palm Springs, California for another work event which was tons of fun! We spent a week in California for team building and planning for the next year. It was crazy going from the 50-degrees of Chicago to the 90+ degrees in California. It was gross. Nice, but gross. We went to a mountain, we helped clean a trail path (people are disgusting) and just laze around. I tried my damnest to read, but I was easily distracted. Oh well.

I returned home just in time for Halloween and my friend was throwing a Golden Ages party. Hubs and I disney-bounded/dressed up as Tiana and Naveen from one of my favorite Disney movies (top two really), The Princess and the Frog. 

And then, FINALLY, I got to spend some quality time with my mother as we went to a local arboretum. It was great too because it was one of the last days for their Autumn displays.


I did okay this month all things considered. Good, but not great. I ended up not writing reviews for a few books because I didn't have the energy for it. I'm also super behind on review copies. There were a million books that were released during the first two weeks of October and I did not plan my September properly. I think I still have 6 more October books to read and review. Eventually, I'll get there. 

I (just barely) met my goal of reading 10 books and most of them were good. My least favorite The Women in the Walls (2 stars). The Diabolic, You, The Girl on the TrainThe Forgetting,  and Gemina all received 4 stars.

NOVEMBER IS HERE! I'm co-hosting Black Friday Read-a-Thon with Mocha Girls Read and I'm so excited to sit aside a full 24 hours and read my butt off. I've been really distracted lately, so hopefully dropping temperatures and shorter days will make me more inclined to read. Work isn't as crazy (only one trip) so I should be good! I plan to also read 14 books and HOPEFULLY finally read The Crooked Kingdom. 

How did you do in October?


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