Monday, December 5, 2016

Family and Smashing Goals: November at a Glance

November was probably one of the best months I've had (barring the election). I got to see family and accomplish some awesome bookish goals!

November started off on a good foot with the Cubbies winning the World Series for the first time in over 100 years. I felt like there was so much excitement in the city and still I live in a sea of blue. A week later - we all ditched the blue to don black as we mourned the election. I have never cried so openly in my life, but I also learned that we are not going to sit by without a fight. Everyone who is actively fighting the good fight is an inspiration and makes me proud to be an American. 
I went to Ocean City, Maryland for a work conference for about 3 days and ate my weight in seafood. Seriously. As someone who really really likes seafood, I don't think I can look at a lobster for another month without getting sick. BUT. This trip was my first time on the East Coast (not counting D.C.) so I made it my business to touch the Atlantic Ocean. 

November is also a special month because it's my mother's, father's, and grandmother's birthday month. And they are all in the same week. Overwhelming - yes. Fun - hell yes. We celebrated my grandmother's 85th birthday and my gift to her was showing her how to use snapchat filters. I don't think she appreciated it much. 

In November, I also co-hosted Black Friday Readathon with Mocha Girls Read and it was sooo much fun! I accomplished most of my goals but managed to read 6 books in a weekend because of it. I can't wait to do it again next year! I was actually pretty consisted in terms of writing reviews and publishing posts. One thing I need to work on is visiting other blogs and replying to comments. After working 8 hours on a computer I hardly want to turn on my personal laptop to stare at another screen for 2 more hours. Hopefully, the holiday breaks will help me get back on track with that. 

16 books read!
Highest Rated: The Forbidden Wish by Jessica Khoury (4 stars)
Lowest Rated: Shutter, Copper Reign, Some Gods of El Paso (2 stars)

Well. As you are reading this I am running around the Magic Kingdom like a happy little clam. Hubs and I are in Orlando/Kissimmee for a week exploring our Happy Place from Saturday, December 3 until December 10 so it's likely I'll come back and be super behind on blogging. I can't see myself reading a ton this week, but I have about one week off for Christmas/News Years so maybe I'll have a mini-readathon. I need to read 24 more books to meet my GR goal and while I know it's borderline impossible, I'm not ready to give up! 

If you missed it, I created a Winter Bingo Card for December 1 until March 1. Feel free to join if you need an extra push as well!


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