Monday, May 1, 2017

Wait, I Need Break: April at a Glance

April was probably the most fun I've had in a while! I was able to attend an author interview, go on a weekend getaway, attend a wedding, go on a 24-hour trip, and attend C2E2. Yeah, it was busy. 

My GOD so much happened, I don't even know how I squeezed so much in one month. I survived a quick work trip to Iowa in early April, peep the plane I had to take to and from. I also got to meet Laini Taylor while she was on book tour for Strange the Dreamer. Knowing me, I probably won't read it for months, but it sounds like such a unique read and I can't wait to dive back into that world. 
My husband, Matt, is a teacher's assistant at a school so he gets your typical school holidays and breaks. His spring break was mid-April in observance of Passover and Easter and he really wanted a weekend getaway since his job is so stressful (and I get it, his school caters to children with special needs so it's a new adventure every day). We decided to go to Starved Rock which is a State Park in Illinois. It's a historic site of two Native groups that fought each other and has some great wildlife. And canyons, did I mention canyons? It's such a beautiful place, and bald eagles winter there apparently. 
Lastly, Matt and I decided that we weren't going to go to C2E2 (Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo) for the first time since its inception. We just wanted a break and to save money. Sunday of the con rolled around and we decided, on a whim, that we still wanted to check it out. So we did!It was such much and I think Sunday is our new day to go - way fewer people. We met Jim Cummings (Disney legend) and he even did his Ray (from Princess and the Frog) voice and I cried instantly. I also met Daniel Jose Older and got a copy of Shadowshaper signed. If you haven't read it, I highly highly recommend it!
As I write this, I just got back to helping my mother move and attend a friend's wedding. My mom used to work in a suburb about 1 hour outside of Chicago, so going to visit her was always a mission. She has officially moved to a suburb right next to Chicago and I am beyond excited! Our drive took 20 minutes today, I can brunch with my mother!
I had a pretty good blogging month surprisingly (given how busy I've been)! My goal was to read 12 books and I managed to squeeze in 13 books. Have I mentioned how much I love audiobooks? I also managed to post regularly, I even had an author interview with the lovely and gracious Nicole Castroman which was a lot of fun. 

Wahoo I read ALL of the books! Most of March and parts of April were really romance-heavy, and they work so well as audiobooks that it was easier to listen to a good romance novel during my commute. My favorite read was Scythe (4.5 stars). My least favorite reads were Reaper and Bone Witch (2 stars).  

May is the month of amazing! Of course, like every other person, I'm awaiting the epic release of A Court of Wings and Ruin. Have you people seen how much Bloomsbury is marketing this? They made a25-page activity kit. THAT IS DEDICATION. There are also so many great releases coming out this month, I'm not going to want to see my credit card statement in June, I can say that. I'll also be seeing Jenny Han next Monday which is soo exciting! 

Outside of the book world, Matt and I will be celebrating our third anniversary (time flies apparently) and will hopefully be going on another weekend getaway. I'm also dragging him to see a Chicago Fire (soccer) match because it's against Seattle. And I want to see Clint Dempsey play. Clintsy (as I call him) is bae.  

How was your April? What was your favorite read from this month? 
What are you most excited about for May? 


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