Monday, March 5, 2018

International Travels and Celebrations: February at a Glance

Hello friends! It's been pretty quiet around these parts, let me tell you how crazy my February was!

If you recall, my January was an absolute mess: my grandma was in the hospital, our car got totaled, and Matthew got his ass handed to him by one of his students and ended up in the ER. My February was oh so much better. For starters, my grandmother is out of the hospital and doing quite well! She has to relay heavily on her walker, but she's back to her old self and doing pretty well from my perspective. 

It was also my good friend's birthday a few days before Valentine's Day. He tends to have themed birthday parties so this year's theme was Stranger Things and it was a grand ol' time. The next Friday I hosted a brunch for the same group of friends, but because they were all hungover from the birthday party from the previous day, everyone was 5 hours late. Figures. Haha, it was still fun and full of delicious food though! 

I also went to a local bookstore for an event between Samira Ahmed and Gloria Chao (I hope to post about it this month) which was a lot of fun; I love hearing from Chicagoland writers.

Of course I saw Black Panther no less than twice. I am so in love with that movie and soundtrack that I wouldn't have a problem seeing it for a third time and I HOPE we are priveleged enough to see the original four hour cut. I'm starting my collection of all the pop figures as we speak, and have started using "colonizer" 50% more in my daily conversations. Well done Marvel.

And lastly, I took my work trip to Amman, Jordan in late February which was great! I'm always nervous about traveling and this was my first time traveling internatioanlly alone in about ten years, but it was a great trip. I got to see some old students and see some pretty old sites. I know very little about the Bible and Christianity, but it was surreal to see places directly relaed to the Bible.

I also got to meet the loves of my life, my host's twin daughers! They became my buddies during the three day trip and rarely left my side. They're supposedly coming to Chicago this October and I cannot wait to steal them away again!

I had very light blogging goals for myself because I knew that traveling would put me all out of whack. I remember last year when I went to the Dominican Republic and Jamaica, I only read five books for the whole month and I don't think I did any bloggging. Comparitively, I did a lot better this month and let myself have some fun with the type of content I put on my blog. One of my favorite posts was my favorite romance tropes and I hope to write more discussion posts in the coming months. 

I wanted to read 8 books and supassed by goal by reading 9 books. Wahoo!
My favorite reads of the month were The Belles, Rookie Move, and R.I.P. Eliza Hart (4 stars). 
My least favorite read of the month was Heart of Iron (2 stars)

My March will mostly be catching up. I clearly need to get back on top of my reviews and comment on some blogs. I've missed chatting with you all in the past week and a half and it feels like I'm so out of the loop with everything. ): 

I'll also be going to a handful of author events (Children of Blood and Bone along with Obsidio) and hopefully going on a quick weekend getaway with the hubs. I also want to do a little blog clean up, spruce up some old graphics and clean up my sidebars. Side note, if anyone knows how to add contact information buttons in blogger, holler at your girl.

It's springtime which is means time to go outside and open the windows! Also do some light spring cleaning and donate a bunch of crap I have no need for. For some reason, I also do a lot of reading during the spring months so hopefully I get that done. I don't have that many March and April ARCs to review so I'm excited to catch up on some books on my shelves and from my library. I hope to read 12 books and get back to posting to bookstagram.  

Below are some blog posts from around the blogsphere that I've enjoyed: 

How was your February? 
What was the highlight of your February? 
How many  books did you read in February? 
What do you have planned for March? 


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