Monday, March 4, 2019

Some Early Spring Cleaning and a Lot of Reading: February 2019 at a Glance

February was the month that would never end, but at least I was productive!

Despite being super short, February lasted 3 years. Work was super busy. Ever since MW, I've felt like Annual was two weeks away and I am not prepared.

I bought some furniture from a colleague which inspired Matt and I to do some decorating. We've been at the same apartment for three years (our record) and haven't done anything to make it homier so it was fun to rearrange furniture and buy area rugs. Now I'm looking for some wall art. I also did some major spring cleaning. Matt is a bit of a hoarder while I have no connections to anything so I'm quick to throw things away (which makes him upset). I managed to reorganize my library/the cat's room and donate 3 bags of stuff. Thanks Marie Kondo!

February 26 was Election Day in Chicago and I was not excited. We had 14 people running for mayor and I got so many phone calls/texts from politicians. Election time always reminds me how closeted racist people in this city can be, especially in my ward. But here is hoping for the best!

I also got to an author event which was the first one in actual months. It was fun but I forgot how exhausting it is to do on a week night.

I struggled to keep on top on commenting on blogs, so sorry about that friends. Sundays are usually my blogging days but I've had some pretty busy weekends in February. I got to post about my favorite fantasy romances which makes me happy to share my favorite genre with everyone. 

My goal for February was to read 12 books and I managed to read 13 books, whoo! Overall, I had a really good reading month. My favorite book of the month was The Dark Days Deceit (4.5 stars) and my least favorite read was My Favorite Half-Night Stand (2 stars).  

I'm unsure of how my March will shape up. Soccer season is back so WHOOOO. Expect a lot more soccer tweets from me, no regrets. I'm also going to D.C. for a day for work and will also be attending C2E2 again. I'm praying that it'll get warmer because I am getting cabin fever, I miss going for walks! 

I'm aiming to read 8 books this month and I'm going to try to sneak in some "just for fun/me" books. I don't have too many March ARCs left, but April is looking hefty. 

How was your February? Are you ready for spring as well?
What was your favorite read of February? 
What books are looking forward to in March?


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